Thursday, June 26, 2008

Concert Line-up or Sage Advice?

A quick scan of the morning headlines turned up this gem:

At first I thought it sounded like a feud between two grunge bands. But NO! I began to read the story and quickly realized that it was set in India so, of course, the headline is meant literally.

Now I'm one to look for messages and significance in odd places and I just know that in this quote from Jugesh Oraon, a local village leader, there is sage advice and a glimpse into the meaning of life: "The elephants do not roam where camels are found." Especially smelly ones.

What more can I say? Namaste.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arrogance Slapped

Ar"ro*gance\, n. [F., fr. L. arrogantia, fr. arrogans. See Arrogant.] The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner; that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree; proud contempt of others; lordliness; haughtiness; self-assumption; presumption. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

There are many negative traits that humans are prone to display. One (of many) that annoys me considerably is arrogance. There are far too many people walking thinking and acting like they are better than someone else. Far too many groups thinking and acting like they are better than others. Religions feed on this and exacerbate it by telling people they're special, they're chosen and therefore better than those who are not part of their group. Individuals display arrogance about their job, their intellect, their appearance, their sexual prowess, their whatever and they even gather together in cliques and groups with other like-minded holier-than-thou people. Academic institutions and exclusive clubs with their noses in the air. Sports teams doing childish happy dances in the end zone and hoisting that trophy for all to see. Countries do it too. The US certainly has caused itself some trouble by resolutely believing that we are the best and insisting that the rest of the world needs to follow.

Humility is sorely lacking. It's unfortunately about as common these days as sense and courtesy. There's nothing wrong with being capable and confident but confidence that isn't tempered with humility crosses the line into arrogance. If you want a fine example of the kind of quiet capable humility that I'm talking about go talk to a World War II veteran, or for that matter almost anyone that lived through that era and participated in the achievements of that generation. I doubt you'll hear much bragging.

One of the biggest, grandest examples of human arrogance comes from those who look into the night sky while contemplating our existence, the meaning of life and our place in the Universe and come to the conclusion that we are the only life to be found. Those that firmly believe that Earth was blessed by God and that life sprang up here and nowhere else. Ludicrous. Utterly ludicrous. A friend sent me this video yesterday. It helps to put things into perspective. It makes you realize just how small we really are and that maybe we should be displaying something other than arrogance. Humility maybe?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rest In Peace George, And Thanks

There are those who are good at being clowns and there are those who can observe and produce social commentary. Those that make us laugh and those that make us reflect. George Carlin was a master of both. If ever there was a time when we needed to laugh AND be shown the absurdity of our lives it is now. We're going to miss you George. You have big shoes to fill and I don't see anyone stepping up at the moment.

Here are some of his routines on "Stuff", Religion, and of course the history making "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television". Enjoy.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Happy Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trash Talkin'

You'd think that with the NBA finals behind us the only trash talking going on would be in the presidential race. You'd be wrong.

Back in March I did a blog post bragging about my wife the romance writer being a finalist for the most prestigious award in the romance writing world. The Ritas are awarded by the Romance Writers of America each year at their national conference and are considered the Academy Awards of romantic fiction. While it is indeed an honor just to be nominated, that little golden statuette is highly coveted and the competition is, well...just look at this video of the finalists in the Contemporary Single Title category.

The one with the sword is my wife. My money's on her.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rumours of My Demise...

...Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I could give you a load of lame excuses for why I've been too busy to blog but the truth of the matter is that I honestly haven't felt like it for a while. I haven't felt like I've had much to say lately and I didn't want to post just for the sake of posting. I don't really want this to turn into a "I had a tuna sandwich for lunch yesterday" kind of blog. Crap. Look at that. I just told you I had a tuna sandwich for lunch yesterday in my blog. There. See what I mean?

Anyway. I've missed you guys and I promise I'll do better. In the meantime I'll leave you with the lyrics from a song I like that was on the Sirius Radio Broadway channel (Yeah, I listen to show tunes. You got a problem wit dat?) yesterday that I haven't heard in a long time. It's by Stephen Sondheim from the musical Anyone Can whistle. Have a great weekend walking on the grass, tilting at windmills and laughing at kings. And don't say don't.

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't-It isn't right,

Don't-it isn't nice!

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't walk on the grass,

Don't disturb the peace,

Don't skate on the ice.

Well, I Say Do,

I say,Walk on the grass, it was meant to feel!

I Say Sail!

Tilt at the windmill,And if you fail, you fail.

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says don't get out of line.

When they say that, then Lady that's a sign:

Nine times out of ten,

Lady, you are doing just fine!

Make just a ripple.

Come on be brave.

This time a ripple,

Next time a wave.

Sometimes you have to start small,

Climbing the tiniest wall,

Maybe you're going to fall-

But it is better than not starting at all!

Everybody says no,

Everybody says stop.

Everybody says mustn't rock the boat,

Mustn't touch a thing!

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says wait,

Everybody says can't fight city hall,

Can't upset the cart,

Can't laugh at the king!

Well, I Say Try!

I Say Laugh at the kings or they'll make you cry.

Lose Your Poise!

Fall if you have to, But lady, make a noise!

Everybody says don't,

Everybody says can't,

Everybody says wait around for miracles,

That's the way the world is made!

I insist on Miracles,

if you do them, Miracles -

nothing to them!

I say don't,

Don't be afraid!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Always a lucky day.