Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pure Genius

Forgetting for a moment about that whole E=MC2* thing, I would just like to casually mention that I keep noticing commonalities between myself and a certain famous genius.

I've know for a long time that we are both Pisces and that we are both Left-Handed. Two things that, when taken together clearly create a predisposition for genius. Then, yesterday while pondering the Universe and thinking lofty thoughts that you couldn't possibly understand (or care about) I happened upon this article about an original letter written by Einstein in which he discusses his view of the Bible and religion. Einstein says, "the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish."

You really can't argue with GENIUS.

The letter is being auctioned in London this week and is expected to bring in $12,000 to $16,000. I'd love to own it. Anybody have $16,000 you can loan me?

In a (somewhat) related article we learn that our favorite major world religion with funny hats has approved the lining of said hats with tin foil. That's right, the Vatican has announced that it is okay to believe in aliens. In an interview with an Italian newspaper titled "The Extraterrestrial is My Brother," (is it me or does that sound like a headline on the Weekly World News in the Supermarket Check-out lane?) the Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory (who knew?) discussed many issues related to the Church and Science and said among other things that The Bible "is not a science book," (REALLY?! Tell that to some folks in Alabama, Oklahoma and some other places I can think of) and that "the vastness of the universe means it is possible there could be other forms of life outside Earth, even intelligent ones." Kinda like those intelligent life forms that the Spanish encountered in the Americas. And like them I'm sure that these intelligent alien life forms are godless heathens and it's the Church's duty to bring to them the word of Jesus Christ. Or slaughter them out of existence. But hey, maybe we'll get a Vatican sponsored space program out of it.

Closer to home I suppose that acknowledging the existence of aliens opens up the possibility of Priests and Bishops being abducted. And PROBED. You gotta love the Universe.

*I was attempting to type E=MC squared but this genius couldn't figure out how to make it work with Blogger. I not only have a lot in common with Einstein, Genius but I also have a lot in common with another famous mind.

Wiley Coyote, SUPER Genius.


Tequila Mockingbird said...

i'm not a pisces, but i am lefthanded. wheeee! i'm a genius.

i miss you hanging around, stranger.

Kitty said...

I'm left handed, but a Taurus, not a Pisces.

I'm no html expert, but try < sup >2< /sup > as a tag for a 'squared' symbol - never know, might work?? (Wouldn't let me type it in the comments box, so I added those spaces).


Bruce, a work in progress said...

That's interesting that we're all three lefties. Makes me wonder how many of our blogging group are of the right-brained persuasion.

Yeah, TM, it's been a while. I needed a break. I really had to rethink that whole blogging-everyday thing. I put it all out there in a short time then kinda ran out of gas. It's not that I ran out of things to say (perish the thought) I just got tired of writing them everyday. everything else in my life seemed to get busy at the same time and blogging started to feel like a chore. Writing mine that is, not reading ya'lls.

Thanks Kitty, I'll give it a try. Taurus huh? My middle daughter is a Taurus.

Malach the Merciless said...

That Pope, he is a genius

Hungry Mother said...

I'm also a lefty genius. I know I'm a genius because I knew that the value of pi was exactly 3 even before I read it in the infallible bible. I found that out by using a bicycle tire and marbles, the tools of genius. I'm not a Pisces, but I fish as often as possible.

meggie said...

I am also a left-handed genius. Well, lefty anyway. I am a cusp Aquarian/Pisces.
As to the church...just proves again, -the arrogance!!

Liza said...

I just saw that the letter went for over $400K at auction. Guess the $16K wouldn't help much.

Malicious Intent said...

I am a right handed Libra who is a genius, whom you have more in common with than Einstein. So you should feel pretty damn good about your self.

Oh and about your blogging habbits, first nothing, and now I cannot keep up....can you steady the pace a bit so that it is more predictable. You know, as predictable as the Catholic Church just making up the rules as they go or feel like it to meet their needs and attempt to keep their followers by appearing "modern."
Yeah, that kind of pace.

Personally I think they are preparing us for the knowledge that their priests are really the aliens. Any man gay or straight who willingly gives up sex to preach cannot be human. Sorry, but I just don't buy it. That's my story and I am sticking by it.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Mal, it's the foil in his hat.

HM, shhh!, now you've gone and let out the secret about the bicycle tire and the marbles.

Meggie, Pisces/Aquarius cusp? Hmm. That must be an interesting combination. I'm a full blown Pisces and my wife is an Aquarius. Are your thoughts and feelings aften at odds with each other or does that give you the power to use both masterfully?

Liza, yeah I saw that. I was outbid at the last second by some physics geek.

MI, MI. He doesn't post often enough, he posts too much, I can't keep up, wahhh! Don't hold your breath until you turn blue or throw a temper tantrum and threaten to smite me otherwise I'll begin to think you're the Old Testament God rather than the Goddess that you are. Calm down. The candles are lit, the incese is burning, the flowers are on the alter. Take a deep breath your worshipfullness.

Malicious Intent said...

I was not having a temper tantrum, it was an out of body experience...a very different thing. And I have NEVER Accused you of posting to much. :) (Just for the record)