Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Tarot Deck and Contest

In case you didn't figure out from the name of my blog, I am into Tarot. My second blog entry gives an explanation of why I went with this name.

My new blog buddy Arwen over at Musings on the Tarot happens to be a professional tarot reader and today she has a special guest blogger. Kay Stopforth has done something really interesting in the realm of tarot. She has melded tarot with Quantum Physics. Together with Chris Butler, Kay has developed a new, absolutely beautiful tarot deck along with interpretations and a reading to go with it.

This combination of tarot and physics may seem like an odd combination to some but to me it seems perfectly natural, in fact, ideal. As I commented to Kay I am an almost stereotypical Pisces (sun and moon), i.e. creative, sensitive, emotional, artistic (in my own way), spiritual, a dreamer, one who goes with feelings before thoughts, etc. I am also a Capricorn rising which means all that touchy-feely Pisces stuff is wrapped up in a somewhat serious, responsible shell. Also I'm very spiritual but I happen to work in a very scientific/technical field.

You would think all this would cause some conflict and it does in some areas of my life, but in area of science and spirituality, in my mind at least, there is harmony. I think those two often opposing subjects fit together very well. Those things that fall under the heading of faith (such as life after death, "God", reincarnation, divination such as tarot, Reiki, even "The Secret" and Carl Jung's idea of synchronicity) all make a certain "sense" to me in a scientific way. And the deeper we delve into Quantum Physics the more sense it seems to make.

I believe that the key to having balance and harmony between science and spirituality is in having a completely open mind. If you notice I've been saying "spirituality" not "religion". That's where the conflict comes in. When you try to force fit what's happening into a preconceived, man made religious doctrine it will never work. You may be able to squeeze a size 11 foot into a size 10 shoe but you won't keep it on for long and you'll probably end up with blisters. And putting any sized foot into a shoe that already has another foot in it is just impossible. When one enters the discussion absolutely sure that their position is right without question then that mind is closed to every other possibility. And what are we without possibilities?

Go check out Arwen's blog and Kay's new tarot deck. Even if that's not your thing it's worth a look just for the artwork. Beautiful. While you're there leave a comment and you'll be entered in a contest to win a free Quantum Tarot reading from Kay.


Kitty said...

Hey Bruce - which degree of Capricorn do you have rising? I also have a Cappy Ascendant, though am a Sun Taurus.

I've been using a Renaissance Tarot deck for over 20 years now. That Heirophant card shows up quite regularly. Out of interest, what spread do you use?

I'm off to check out your links now - thanks for those.


Bruce, a work in progress said...

I've never had a real chart done by a pro but I've used a couple on websites. If they are correct I'm 4 degrees 0' 39".

I'm a bit of a traditionalist (ask my family, I got pissed off when they put double stuff in Oreos) so I tend to use the Rider Waite deck. I'm comfortable with it. I have the regular size and the miniture deck that's easier for traveling. Again being a traditionalist I usually stick with the Celtic Cross but I also the single and three card quickie sometimes to get a feel for the day. I use one that I made up myself one day fairly often. I call it the Key for lack of a better name, because when I was finished laying out the cards it looked like, yep, a key. It uses 25 cards. It started sort of free form and I let it happen and that's what came out the other end.

Hungry Mother said...

I'm a Cancer who's had an amateur interest in quantum mechanics for many years. What you're describing sounds like it's made for me. I'll be looking at it.

Malach the Merciless said...

I did some illustrations for a Magazine that were based on Tarot, they are mixed in here.

Tarot By Arwen said...

OOOH perk! That spread sounds intriguing. :)

Thanks so much for the shout out for my blog! I really appreciate it!

Kitty said...

Bruce - if you like, I can draw up your chart for you, and email it to you. I have the computer programs necessary. I'm happy to do it if you'd like?

All I need is a time, date, and place. Accurate timing is all-important. And if you could give me a hand on the time zone, it'd be good (ie how slow on GMT?)

Let me know - my email address is on my page.


Hungry Mother said...

I just bought the deck on Amazon.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Thanks again Kitty.

Cool HM. Let us know what you think after you receive it.

Ruth said...

Bruce - Those are absolutely beautiful cards. Thanks so much for sharing the link to them. It's been a long time since I've seen a deck that grabbed me like that, and never without physically touching the cards first.

Re your comments on science and spirituality, you might be interested in checking out Healing the Rift by Leo Kim. He makes some interesting points and provides some really cool information on his blog that support his thesis that our world is really a blending of mind and spirit.

Kay Stopforth said...

Hey Bruce - it's great to find your blog - thanks for talking up my deck. :) BTW, I also have Capricorn rising... ;)

Hungry Mother said...

I received my "Quantum Tarot" deck yesterday - beautiful.