Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome to 1692

Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'

I saw this headline last Thursday and was going to comment on it but it was Valentine's Day and then the weekend was on us and I just didn't want to end the week with a story like this. I was frankly just too damn dumbfounded and depressed that something like this was still possible.

Now to be fair we had our own little brush with Witch trials here in America. A little brush that ended with 19 men and women dead from hanging, an 80 year old man pressed to death under heavy stones, and several others dead in prison waiting for their turn on the gallows. But all that was so long ago. After all it's been 316 years. This is 2008 there couldn't possibly be any similarities between what happen then and this "modern day" case. I mean, come on, the Salem Witch Trials took place in a horribly oppressive Puritan religious environment where the word of God ruled law. In the 1600's women had few rights, were subservient to men and were easy targets. The accusers had either personal "issues" with the accused, stood to gain from their conviction and execution (usually land), or both. See? Not at all similar. The Middle East is nothing like that. There has to be more to the story. I have no doubt that logic and reason were applied to this case. I'm sure they have in their possession hard evidence (well, not from the impotent guy). Evidence like an irrefutable modern scientific test. A test like throwing her into water to see if she floats, or checking to see if she weighs as much as a duck. One couldn't argue with that. You'd have to conclude that she was guilty.

The woman in the story was convicted based on a "coerced" confession (I looked that up in my legal bullshit dictionary and it said coerced confession was defined as torture, see for example "waterboarding"). Her conviction was also based on statements of "witnesses" (defined in this case as ass-backwards MEN who think that women are sub-human, worthless chattel) who claimed the woman had "bewitched" them. Why, one of these MEN(?) even became impotent after being "bewitched". Imagine that. I'm thinkin' he was having impure thoughts and wanting to act on them with this woman and she either told him where to go or agreed to help him out only to find that thinking about it was all he could do. To either hide embarrassment or avoid anyone finding out what they were up to or to cast the blame on her when someone did find out, poof, she suddenly became a witch.

It might seem like I'm making light of this. While I am being a tad sarcastic, I don't find this subject at all funny. I am angry, horrified, disgusted and more than a little bit frightened. It's bad enough to feel like we're drifting backwards but this kind of thing is a harsh reminder that there are people out there slamming it into reverse and mashing the friggin' pedal. I want out of the car.


Kitty said...

I agree Bruce. I'm left-handed and in times gone by that alone would have been enough to have had me killed as a witch. Nowadays of course I can ride my broomstick round town and hardly anyone bats an eyelid.

;-) x

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Oh good grief, I'm left-handed too! In addition to that I carry a Devil's mark. I had very dark brown hair but with a natural streak of platinum blond shooting across my head. My hair is mostly gray now so you can't see it anymore but there was no hiding it when I was a kid.
I won't mention the broomstick to my kids. They'll all want one then the next thing I know they'll be putting a Quiddich team together.

Crashdummie said...

you are kidding me right... OMG! aaaaah i dunno what to say. how stupid was this man, and how idiotic is the whole system.. witchcraft me @ss!!!

its a mans world - no wonder its going down the drain.

You want out of the car - the women cant even drive that cars... geez

Vicki said...

Hmmm...I broke my arm in 10th grade (badly, I might add) and had to have surgery and a wear a cast for 9 months.

Doesn't sound too witchy until I tell ya that I'm right handed (right arm broken), and had to use my left hand for everything, which I did rather well.

Now because of that I am constantly switching back and forth.

Does this make me a witch in their eyes???

All kidding aside that's pretty scary stuff, when a country is still practicing that.

meggie said...

Holy Moly, I think there must be mysterious forces at work here, bringing us left handed hairstreaked witches together!
I am left handed & I also had a fair streak at the front of my hair- it is now white, against the brown of most of my hair, & I call it my witchy streak!
I rarely use a broom, but I once had a black cat.

Malicious Intent said...

You can imagine how I feel in today's world and I read story after horrifying story of how women in the middle east are treated. Are men there that insecure that they have to destroy the ones they love. Oh I just love these honor killings too. Sick fucks, animals, all of them. We should pull out and let them all just destroy each other. Sorry to be so harsh, but I have just had it with that entire population worshiping not a God, not a religion, just death and destruction. If that is what they want, let them have it. I know if I lived there, I would have had my head removed by now. Grrrrrr, really makes me want to take my chainsaw out and start hacking cars apart.

We need to start our world domination programming there first.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Crash, yep, it's time to put the women in charge. Just as long as you remember who your male friends are and who supported your takeover. You know, just in case ya'll decide to get even once you're in charge.

Vicki, I don't think the broken arm thing counts. In fact you could probably get away with blaming someone else for making you break your arm and accuse THEM of witchcraft. Got a neighbor you don't like?

Meggie, truly strange. Isn't it odd how we've all been brought together. It's almost, dare I say it? Supernatural.

MI! Okay darlin' breathe with me. I couldn't agree with you more but I don't want you stroking out on me or anything. I couldn't bear the guilt and I can't pull of the WD thing without you. Better now? You scared me there for a minute.
All joking aside, it really is infuriating. They're horrible but I'm also disgusted with us for calling those backwards bastards allies and getting in bed with them.

Malicious Intent said...

1....2...3....breathe....1....2....3....brethe, in through the mouth out through the nose.....

Nope ain't working and 5 cars on my block now have their hoods carved in half and the doors sawed off. I really need to remember my damn medications!

Malach the Merciless said...

See, we like Saudi Arabia because they are a younger version of us

Anonymous said...

Safest thing to do is to stay away from Saudi Arabia!

BBC said...

I think that some people take witchcraft way to seriously. It's not like they have any magical powers. And I think they are cool when they dress sexy.

Malicious Intent said...

Free Martha Stewart bashing at my pad, hurry over!

Hungry Mother said...

The worst thing is that, as a country, we pander to the Saudis and their horrible social ethos. But, I'm left-handed, so what do I know?