Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So she says to me, "You should write a blog"...

I had just finished expounding my views on my scientific rationalization of Astrology, existence, and the hereafter (don't worry, you'll get to hear it too). That was my wife's response. "You should write a Blog."

And I snorted. No, really. Snort. Me? A blog?

A lesser man would've taken her response as somewhat insulting. A "that's nice honey now go away", pat-on-the-head dismissal. Honestly I wouldn't blame her if that's exactly what it was meant to be. After 22 years with me I'm sure there are times when rather than a pat-on-the-head she'd rather give me a kick-in-the-ass and tell me to shut the hell up. But...after 22 years with her I know for a fact that rather than insulting her response was meant to be complimentary. As in, "honey, you have a lot to say and while I don't always agree with your opinions I do find them interesting. I think that others would too." No. Really. That's what she meant. She loves me, what can I say?

That was on Saturday. Now it's Wednesday and I've had a few days off work for the holiday and I find that the idea of me writing a Blog has resurfaced in my head. It never really went away, it just sloshed around in the stewpot of thoughts until it bubbled back up to the surface. I laughed (snorted actually) off the idea on Saturday but today it doesn't seem quite as crazy. I still have serious doubts that anyone will give a rat's arse about my opinion of anything and I certainly don't harbor the belief that the internet needs anymore bullshit added to it (in fact at some point I plan to use this very media to rant about the damage being done by this very media). So why?

Hey, I'm almost 50 years old. I'm married with kids. My country and society in general are headed in a direction that I don't particularly like. The world seems like it's getting more dangerous or at least nuttier every day. I'm at a time in my life and at a place in history where there's a lot to think about. A lot to be thankful for. And a lot to be pissed off at. The idea of writing down my thoughts for some reason appeals to me right now. I have a lot of them. Too many sometimes. I don't meditate per se, not in the Buddhist-sit-on-the-floor-cross-your-legs-and-chant kind of way but I do try to spend some time in quiet reflection. I'm shooting for that quiet mind thing. Problem is, it doesn't always want to shut up. So I guess if I'm going to have so many random (and sometimes not so random) thoughts maybe I should try to organize them. A little. So I'll give it a shot and try writing them here. Even if I'm the only one that ever reads them. It'll be kinda like me talking to myself - hey, it runs in the family. At least until somebody else shows up. Then I'll welcome the company. And the conversation.

The only real rule here is:
Intolerance Will NOT Be Tolerated.

Frequency of postings? I don't know. Let's say daily and see how it goes. So, until tomorrow...

Oh, you're probably wondering about the name. The Quixotic Hierophant? Well. That's a good topic for tomorrow.

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