Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cheers to My Alma Mater

Those of you who have been hanging around this blog for a while know that I ain't no sports fan. I know enough about sports to hold a conversation and I know what's going on when I see a game. I never played anything particularly well and I don't usually derive any enjoyment from watching sporting events on TV but I have enjoyed going to games in person and I do have a passing interest in a few teams, mainly because I rooted for them as a kid. I just don't understand the feverish, I-cannot-miss-this-game obsession with being glued to a TV screaming at the team as if your children had been kidnapped and the outcome of the game will determine whether they live or die.

This month is a huge time of year for sports fans. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament happens every year in March and thus it is appropriately dubbed "March Madness". Basketball fans from all over get hyped up, fill in their "brackets" trying to predict who the champion will be at the end, glue themselves to TVs and otherwise hoop, holler, and consume beer. With the exception of beer consumption I have here to fore been immune to this malady and have never shown the slightest symptom. Imagine my surprise and concern when this morning I noticed the tiniest, almost imperceptible twitch. Whatever could've caused this? Well, I'll tell ya...

Last night I watched a college basketball game (GASP!). On ESPN no less (double GASP!). My alma mater, Mount Saint Mary's University (they were a college when I went there), made it to the tournament last week and last night they beat Coppin State 69-60 in the opening game. That means they've earned the right to play powerhouse University of North Carolina in the first round on Friday night. Mount Saint Mary's, a 1,500 student school with a 19-14 record vs. UNC with 28,000 students (they have twice as many faculty as the Mount has students) and a 32-2 record. Hmmm. Can you say David and Goliath? By all accounts the Mount is expected to get crushed and they very likely will. But you never know. And in the meantime, at least until Friday, they're still in it. And it sure was fun seeing them win the opening game.

Yes, I do plan to watch on Friday. I have to see if this twitch is going to get better or worse.

Congratulations to the Mount and best of luck guys!


Kitty said...

I love sports, but have never really 'got' basketball. I guess it's partly because it's not a big sport over here in the UK.

Hope your team wins. x

Malach the Merciless said...

Sorry, I don't do college basketball

Mike said...

Funny, but basketball is about the only sport I ever watched much. There's not as much downtime and things keep moving.

I'm not big on college ball, but I do watch it this time of year a little bit.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Hi Kitty. As I understand it, basketball was started by the coach of a baseball team as a way for his team to stay in shape during the winter. They nailed two peach baskets at each end of a gym. So the story goes anyway.

Yes Mal. But would you do the college basketball team?

MIKE!!! Glad you're still hanging in there with us brother. Actually I used to be a big hockey fan. I grew up near Philly and was a Flyers fan even before they won back to back Stanley Cups in '74 & '75. I also rooted for the Phillies when I was a kid. Never really watched much sports on TV though. Honestly I watched golf more than anything but I don't even watch that much anymore.

meggie said...

I really relate to this post. I have never been one for sport, either partaking nor watching. I would rather watch paint dry.
I do however admit to a small shiver of pride if the All Blacks win against all odds. I could never watch a game though!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

I hear ya Meg.