Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's Day everybody. Rather than give you a couple of generic pictures from Google images and a random leprechaun graphic I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from our family trip to Ireland three years ago. It's an amazingly beautiful place and I was ready to go back the day we left.

The Cliffs of Moher (taken fresh off the plane in Shannon after a trans-Atlantic flight with no sleep and jumping into a car with the controls on the wrong side)

Real Irish shamrocks growing outside the County Cork cottage (how's that for alliteration?) where we stayed for a week.

Mizen Head, the Southern-most point in Ireland

Cemetery where I found my Great-great-great-great grandfather. Very cool and very eerie.

Me kissing the Blarney Stone (yeah, imagine that).

And of course, St. Patrick's day wouldn't be complete without an Irish joke or two.

Mary Clancy goes up to Father O'Grady's after his Sunday morning service, and she's in tears.
He says, "So what's bothering you, Mary my dear?"
She says, "Oh, Father, I've got terrible news. My husband passed away last night."
The priest says, "Oh, Mary, that's terrible. Tell me, did he have any last requests?"
She says, "That he did, Father..."
The priest says, "What did he ask, Mary?" She says, "He said, 'Please Mary, put down that damn gun!'

One day an Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walked into a pub together. They each bought a pint of Guinness. Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy beverage, three flies landed in each of their pints, and were stuck in the thick head.

The Englishman pushed his beer away in disgust.

The Scotsman fished the fly out of his beer, and continued drinking it, as if nothing had happened.

The Irishman, too, picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer, and started yelling, "SPIT IT OUT, SPIT IT OUT YOU BASTARD!!!!"



Kitty said...

Never mind kissing it, you look like you're eating the Blarney Stone. Mind you ... it explains the charm ;-)


Bruce, a work in progress said...

Kitty, hanging upside down that high above the ground with only a few rusty ancient bars and an equally rusty ancient old Irish guy to keep me from falling was bad enough. The really hard part though was, after thousands of tourists before me, finding a spot that didn't have lipstick on it. Ick.
And as for the charm, tankee me dear.

Liza said...

Ireland has always been my dream vacation spot. Thanks for sharing some pictures. Makes me want to visit even more!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Liza it really was beautiful. We had a wonderful time and I wouldn't hesitate to go back. These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures. I think I took about 12 rolls of real film plus the digital camera.

Malach the Merciless said...

I like jokes about the stupid dirty irish

Tequila Mockingbird said...

happy st paddys day, stranger!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Them's fightin' words Mal. I'll meet you outside just as soon as I'm finished my pint.

Hey TM. And a very happy St. Paddy's day to you too darlin'. Did you have a good weekend? How's your head?
I guess I have been a bit absent lately. Combination of a lot going on and a little blogger's block.

meggie said...

Well it has been & gone now, but Happy St Pats anyway!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

That's okay Meggie. Every day is St. Patrick's day when you're Irish. Thanks!

Malicious Intent said...

I am GREEN with envy. If there is ever a place I wanted to visit it is Ireland. I love the history, the beauty, I am awe struck by your pics. Now if I can only get over my 9/11 fear of flying.

Malicious Intent said...

BTW, what question was I to answer, I cannot find one.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

The worst part about flying to Ireland was that the plane was full of not very well behaved Irish kids whose parents did very little to keep them under control. also i found it very interesting that they never turned off the lights even though it was an overnight flight. It was interesting getting off the plane and into a car (manual shift - with my left hand) and driving on the left side of the road.

My question was "what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Autism Matters - Autism Open said... Will that help? I have no idea and to tired to find out. Now I have to go to the bowling alley to meet up with 8 lanes worth of our special families and hope no one escapes, which will be a joke as I have knee braces on both legs. Rock and Roll!!!!!

Autism Matters - Autism Open said...

P.S. It was fun seeing you suck face with a rock.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

You are an unusual woman. And the rock really played hard to get.