Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Spirit Guides Are Not Pleased

Initially they were rather happy to find that they had made such a rousing comeback after being nearly hunted to extinction. The protections put in place in the 1970's and restoration efforts that began in 1995 helped them to make such a comeback that they no longer need protection. So of course, humans being humans have decided that it's now time to start killing them again.

So now they're pissed

Of course I'm talking about the Gray Wolf and the news story that appeared over the weekend reporting that the Federal Endangered Species Act protection for the wolves was lifted on Friday and the Wildlife agencies in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming announced "management" hunts on Saturday. In addition to that, on Friday Idaho governor "Butch" Otter (no kidding, that's his name) signed a bill that allows ranchers, outfitters and pet owners to kill wolves that they catch annoying, disturbing or stalking animals or livestock. That's rather broad leeway doncha think?

Golldang Butch! Durn if'n them wolves didn't make it back from the brink'o'exstinkshun. Let's go kill us some! They've been annoyin' my sheep and makin'em nervous.

Hate to tell you sparky, but it's you that's been makin' them sheep nervous. People. Sheesh.

Hey look, I'm not anti-hunting and I understand wildlife management and all that but couldn't they have at least given the wolves the weekend to celebrate?

I have a fondness for wolves. I have all my life. I happen to think that they are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. And that they've gotten a bad wrap, you know with the whole "Little Red Riding Hood", "Three Little Pigs", fairy tale thing.

In addition to that, my father served in the Army in Europe during World War II in the 104th Infantry Division. They were called the "Fighting Timberwolves" and were known for their ability to operate at night and over mountainous and rough terrain. This is their unit insignia. With a little work I'm thinking it would make a nice Tat.

Hell, some of you may remember that I took "Tiberius Wolf" (get it? T. Wolf?) as my shooting alias in Cowboy Action Shooting.

As fate would have it, I've even recently discovered that my Native American horoscope sign is...you guessed it...the Wolf. How cool is that? They say you don't get to pick your spirit guide, they pick you. Maybe there's something to that. Maybe if people stopped talking and listened a little better they might discover they have one and that maybe they ought to listen to what it has to say. In any case I don't have to listen to mine very hard to hear that they're not happy.


Kitty said...

According to that site, I'm a Beaver :-O No smart remarks please!!

My son has a real fear of Wolves. He is fine about the most gruesome of monsters, but wolves are his 'thing' - he is terrified of them in any context. They are very beautiful though.


Mike said...

I'm a freaking fish. A salmon. I want to be something cool.

Oh, and I always knew Kitty was a beaver. I just freaking knew it.

Not so funny story about wolves in Michigan:

We have wolves in the Upper Peninsula and a few years ago one crossed the ice and came down to the lower peninsula. The DNR knew this because the wolf had a tracking collar on it. Somehow, the wolf got caught in a Coyote trap and the trapper saw it from a distance and thought it was a coyote and shot it.

The really weird part--the guy is someone I went to high school with and he was a good friend of mine. He made the freaking national news over it. Turns out he wasn't prosecuted because he had no way of knowing it was a wolf.

I'm all for a wolf comeback as long as they don't try to eat my little dog. We have enough problems with coyotes trying to do that now.

Liza said...

Mine is a snake, which is really funny since I grew up playing with snakes, but wouldn't go near one now with a ten foot pole. I missed that they took the gray wolf off the list. Seems unless there are millions there aren't enough to hunt yet.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Hi Kitty, (I'm biting my tongue, I'm biting my tongue) very interesting that you turned out to be a beaver (I will behave, I will behave). Whatever made you think I would be the kind of guy that would make a smart remark about that (must not make reference to snogging or fondling)? I'm disappointed that you'd think that of me.

Well Mike at least you're chock full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Salmon are good for you right?
If you lived in Idaho and a wolf annoyed Carmen then you'd be within your rights to shoot it.

Liza, I agree. I don't think 1500 is exactly what I'd call a rebound. I don't know where they come up with these magic numbers. 1499 is protected. 1500 let's start shootin'. It's all political and very controversial out there. There are people out there who have been just waiting to start killing the wolves and would love to see them all gone.

Malach the Merciless said...

Cash has nothing on these guys . .

Malicious Intent said...

First: Your spirit guide is pissed off because you have not gone to M.I.'s to worship for a VERY long time.

My Native American Horscope is the Raven, which I been attracted to for a long time. I love the mistique surrounding the Raven and I find them to be rather beautiful. I have recently been trying to find a way to decorate the walls of my bedroom with them.

I also LOVE wolves. My first pool cue has wolves on it. (Pool/Billiards is pretty important in this house.) I am so saddened when I hear of the killings. Leave them alone! Beautiful creatures with so much soul. It literally sickens me to no end. I have a friend who goes to record the slaughter of the American Buffalo too. Once they cross over even 5 feet off of state park land...blamo! They are shot, plucked off. http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/media/bisonvideogallery.html

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Mal. Huh?

MI, I'm not worthy. I went directly to your blog and paid homage.
Pool cue huh? Cool. I inherited a pool table when we bought our house last summer. The previous owner didn't want to cart it out of the basement. I always wanted one.
Now buffalo are a prime example of how quickly we can waste an entire species. To go from the plains black with herds to almost none in about ten years is a real testament to just how efficiently we humans can fuck something up. We really disgust me sometimes.

JulieLeto said...

I'm a woodpecker. Bruce, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that.

Vicki said...

I'm a snake. Which is sort of funny, considering I'm very afraid of them. Behind glass, I think they're really cool, but put the smallest of ones before me and I'm going the other way.

I can't believe they're doing that to the wolves!!! We bring them back to kill them? Don't get that one at all.

I think they're beautiful.

Malicious Intent said...

We are just reall good and screwing up good things, and repeating history by not learning from it. I really do tend to like animals more than people, most of the time.

Hungry Mother said...

That is one very cool patch that your dad had in WWII. I'll bet they were some mean motherfuckers in their day.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Julie,I like woodpeckers. the one that used to visit us in Melbourne and pound away at our chimney top was definitely tenacious. Besides woodpeckers are supposed to get along well with wolves (especially when they feed them. Okay I made that part up).
Don't worry, I know you well enough to know that you are definitely NOT the pecker in your family. ;-)

Hey Vicki. Snakes are another sign that wolves get along well with. At least you can stand to look at them behind glass. Leslie can't even do that.

MI, we aredefinitely pros at screwing up good things in a big way. At least you can understand why animals do what they do.

HM, yeah, I've always thought it was cool too. They were some bad asses. The cool thing about that generation though is that you'd never know it, at least not from them. There was/is a certain modesty that they all have. I didn't know that my dad was awarded a Bronze Star until I was an adult and read the citation that my mother finally got around to hanging up in an obscure corner of their house.

meggie said...

I have always been fascinated by wolves. My sign is a Wolf too! No wonder I always admired them.
I find the idea of slaughtering them unbearable, but I dont have to live with livestock at risk.
I wept when I read Nicholas Evans' The Loop.
My other fascination is the Owl.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

hmm... if i had known about this a couple days ago, they wouldve been the recipients of the dbag of the month award

Colonel Colonel said...

I just hope the grey wolves eat all those Republican fuckers up.

Crashdummie said...

I have a great respect for wolf and think they are beautiful animals. They have some nice movies to, like White Fang.

You are a wolf? That’s wicked! Mine is Raven… and I can definitely see why.

Take care Bruce, and may your spirit guide be with you. Cheers!