Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Regular or Extra Crispy?

Those of you that bother to read the manual when you get a new electronic device know that one of the first things they tell you on the obligatory (cover their ass from being sued) safety page is to make sure the device is unplugged before you attempt to work on it. Well, it seems that this genius of a German thief didn't read the manual. Germany produced more than its share of rocket scientists but this guy...ah, no.

The cable cutters and the pile of cut cables that he had amassed was a pretty good indication that he was in the process of stealing copper cable. That and his hand wrapped around one of the cables. The hand was around the cable, the rest of him was in a crispy, charred, blackened heap a short distance away. He hadn't bothered to determine whether the cable was live or not and was hit with 10,000 volts. The force was so strong that his hand was severed. If it hadn't been the police wouldn't have been able to use the fingerprints on it to identify him.

Thieves don't usually carry Mensa cards. I doubt this one even knew what Mensa is. But he did know that copper is going for $3.62 per pound.


Colonel Colonel said...

Hey! Now I know what I'm gonna get Rush Limbaugh for Xymas!!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

No Rush, really, the power's off...hehehe.

Mike said...

3.62/pound? Damn, where'd I put those cable cutters!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Mike, just remember, it's the current tester THEN the cable cutters.

Crashdummie said...

so... what happend to all that copper? Would be bummer if it was just laying around there without anyone collecting them..

Tequila Mockingbird said...

so... you are supposed to unplug electrical devices before taking a screwdriver to them? hmmm, this explains why i continue to smell burnt flesh.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Crash, it was probably confiscated as evidence. It's in a warehouse with the ark of the covenant.

TM, you sure that's not just lingering from a party over the weekend?

Casdok said...

Theres a lesson to be learnt some where?!!

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Casdok, welcome.
The hierarchy of lessons would be:
1. don't steal
2. failing 1, always disconnect/test the current
3. failing 1 & 2, have your ID printed on asbestos.

Anonymous said...

So that explains why one can't bathe with electrical devices.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Hey Prepon! You're back. Missed ya. I hope everything is well.

Actually there are ceretain battery operated electronic devices that can be used in the tub but they were designed for that sort of thing. A toaster wouldn't be a good idea.

BBC said...

"Blissfully married to my soul-mate, best friend and lover."

Well, you lucky dog. I'm happy for you that you have that. Okay, I'm jealous.

I know quite a bit about electrical, I installed the electrical system here, so I'm pretty sure I could steal live copper wiring if I was so inclined, but I'm not.

Yeah, send Rush and Bush and their other idiot christian friends some bolt cutters.

Interesting blog, may you have happy and interesting paths to travel and explore. Hugs.

Hey, Casdok, are you following me around? Don't do that, walk beside me. :-)

Bruce, a work in progress said...

BBC, thanks for stopping by. Yes I am lucky indeed. Alas the German perp did not have your electrical superpowers and he paid the price.
A gross of right-handed bolt cutters are on order.
You and Casdok are welcome here whether you lead, follow, walk side-by-side, dance or pull up a barstool and have a cold one.

BBC said...

Ah, a cold one. Well being as I've had an 18 wheeler 48 states and a third of Canada, I'll even drink a warm one.

I'm an old country hick, I do with what I got and be thankful for it. :-)