Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ahh, Days Off

Okay, I'm a slug. And I'm an employee of the US government. I suppose some would say I was being redundant. In any case, yesterday was a federal holiday and I had the day off. The majority of our federal holidays are on Mondays. In fact when they first went to that system I remember my dad being pissed off because he was born on Washington's Birthday and he like getting his birthday off on the actual day.

The federal government also utilizes something called Alternate Work Schedules which allow more flexibility to its employees. There are several variations but the one I work is called a 5-4-9 schedule. In a two week pay period I work eight 9-hour days, one eight hour day and I get one day off. My day off is a Monday so I get every other Monday off. That in and of itself is very nice. It gets better however when we have a federal holiday on a Monday that I'm supposed to have off - like yesterday. In that case, the Monday is still my day off AND I get Tuesday as the holiday and no matter how you add that up it's a FOUR DAY WEEKEND.

My point in tell you this? Well:

Four day weekend + Me being a slug = slacking on the old blog

Get it? Fact is, I just got out of bed so like it or not this is it.


Anonymous said...

Hmm how did I missed this post before?

Lucky you to get to sleep in! That never happens around here.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

I guess I was in stealth mode. I don't get to sleep in that often. The last month has been a bit hectic so this weekend was for R&R.

Sara Sue said...

How do I get me one of them gubment jobs??

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Sara Sue, I can't go into details but my brother is the governor and he knows the Secretary of State and, well, the Supreme Court got involved...