Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving: The Day After

Thanksgiving unfolded just as I said it would. There were copious amounts of food, fun, food, music, food, family, food, drink, food, games, food, laughs, food, love, and did forget to say food?

Dinner and clean-up was followed by a sudden onset of post-prandial narcoleptic seizures. In this damn digital age someone always has a camera at the ready and they caught me unawares.

I did manage to avoid the vulgar and thoroughly gluttonous action of unfastening my pants after dinner in order to make more room. I though ahead. I didn't bother wearing a belt.

After a sound night's sleep I'm feeling much more svelte and agile and I'm up and ready to face the world.

An aside.
Middle daughter was scheduled to work today but does not yet have her license thus requires a ride. It's now 11 AM. Conversation ensues.

Dad: "When are you scheduled?"

Daughter: "12 to 4. I think. But I'm not sure. They haven't called me so I'm not late"

Dad: "Reasonable assumption, but perhaps you're not getting all the data. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you're not actually scheduled LATER before I drive you up there?"

Daughter: "mumble, mumble."

Fast forward a half hour as daughter comes down dressed for work. Dad, his mind clouded by the overindulgence of mind altering chemicals disguised as turkey dinner, fails to ask if she actually called and assumes she's scheduled for Noon. We depart.

We enter the parking area of the Retail Outlet Mall where she works. I spot a 75% off sale sign in the window of a clothing store that I like and decide to park and check it out rather than just drop her off like I normally would. We say fare thee well and part company. I enter store. Approximately three minutes later look up to see aforementioned daughter standing in front of me.

Daughter: "I didn't have to work at 12."

Dad: "What time do you have to work?"

Daughter: "4:00."

Dad: "Uh Huh. Good thing you didn't waste your time calling. You couldn't possibly have gotten that information over the phone...before we left."

Driving her to work...and back: 20 minutes.

Gas used: $3.00

Getting to see the look on her face when she realizes I WAS RIGHT!!!!: PRICELESS.

Ahh, small pleasures.


Colonel Colonel said...

I thought the rule was that as a dad you are never right?

Bruce, a work in progress said...

That is the rule. That's why it's so sweet when an exception to the rule crops up every once in a great while.

BBC said...

I guess it is the day after, isn't it? I never really gave it much thought.

Hell, I never gave it any thought at all.

And I'm not going to waste any time on it now. What is it with you humans and all this bullshit?

Bruce, a work in progress said...

BBC, I'm not sure what you are referring to as bullshit. I assume you are referring to the subject of Thanksgiving. While I try everyday to show gratitude for the things I've been given I see no problem in setting aside a day to remind everyone to pause and give thanks. Nor do I see a problem in gathering with family and friends, recalling holidays past and creating new memories for our children to cherish.
As I said I don't know what you were referring to but I was referring to spending important time with my family. I assure you that is the farthest thing from bullshit there is and for me is the most real and valuable thing that I can think of.
To each his own. We here on Earth thank you for your insightful comments from high above the human race.

Anonymous said...

My kids hate it when I am right too. Of course I am always right, you know how it is with women.

Sara Sue said...

But you look mahhhvalous!

BBC said...

Sorry, was I being a bit cranky?

I get like that sometimes. I too like this season, but mostly just because of the turkey dinners.

The rest of the year I still have friends and things to be thankful for so I don't see much point in making a big deal out of one day when I tell them whenever I like that they are special to me and I'm thankful for having them in my life.


Bruce, a work in progress said...

Prepon, yes, I am familiar with how it is with women. I ain't no fool.

Sara Sue, you're a darlin', darlin'.

BBC, no worries my friend. It's all good.