Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

The official date of Veterans Day is November 11th no matter what day of the week that falls on. That was yesterday. Since I didn't blog yesterday and since today is a government holiday I thought I'd honor it today.

If you're interested in the history of Veterans Day you can read about it on the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

The purpose of the observance is to thank Veterans for their service to this country. Regardless of politics or leadership these men and women have, at great personal cost, done what was asked of them. They deserve thanks and respect. We all know somebody who has served. Thank them.


Mike said...

In the case of some veterans, it is often way too easy to "throw out the baby with the bathwater." No matter how we felt about the political aspect of the war they fought, we should always honor them and treat them with respect.

Anonymous said...

The poster Mike summed it up pretty nicely. Do not even think I could add to that.

Thank you for visiting my page! Nice to find a new commenter stopping in, leaving a trace.
You might enjoy today's post.
I look forward to reading more of yours.
Much Respect~d

Anonymous said...

I respect all Veterans!

I can't thank each and every one of them enough.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Sorry, I've been away from the computer all afternoon.

I couldn't agree with all of you more. My dad served in the 104th Infantry in Europe during WWII and earned a Bronze Star. One of my brothers was in Viet Nam and I sow how those guys were treated when they came home. We should never allow that to happen again. As I said, all of them have done what was asked.

GCM, I enjoyed your blog and will definitely be coming back. Thank you for popping in.

Sara Sue said...

I couldn't agree more. Nicely done, Bruce.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

Thanks Sara Sue.